Frequently Asked Questions

What makes MailStarUSA's approach to email hosting unique?

MailStarUSA provides email solutions that are complete, secure and trusted. None of this nor the administrative overhead is normally affordable by small and medium business. The entire range of features that MailStarUSA provides demonstrates our focus on and comittment to reliability and value.

Why is MailStarUSA more reliable than an in-house system?

MailStarUSA constantly monitors the entire server environment, from security and access issues to power and HVAC. MailStarUSA provides load balancing, redundant mailservers, virus scanning and spam blocking. Our datacenter has redundant connections to all major Internet backbones, redundant power fed by two utility substations backed up with UPS and generator backup, N+1 redundant HVAC system and dual biometric plus card access security, 24/7 patrolling guards, CCTV monitoring. The entire range of features demonstrates our focus on and commitment to reliability and value.

What is the profile of a typical email hosting customer?

Our customers are typically small businesses that do not have the resources or expertise to configure and maintain the email environment. Other custoemrs recognize our expertise in providing a complete, secure and trusted email solutions.

Will I really save money by using hosted email instead of an in-house system?

In-house email solutions contain many hidden costs. Not only do you incur the cost of a server, software and licenses but you also pay for installation and configuration. After the initial costs you'll have to pay for upgrades, maintenance and labor costs associated with administration, anti-virus subscriptions and updates, anti-spam subscriptions and upgrades.

I get my mail from my ISP - why should I use MailStarUSA?

MailstarUSA provide a much greater degree of control over viruses and spam and has the technical expertise to solve your problems quickly and effectively. Exchange hosting is not typically available from ISPs.

How do I switch my email service to MailStarUSA?

Our team will work with you to ensure your email and service are smoothly migrated with minimal interruption in email service.

Who are your competition?

We believe MailStarUSA is unique in it's offering, addressing a full range of email hosting services as well as professional services.

How do I set an 'out of office' or vacation notice?

In the future set the auto-reply by logging into your webmail account: Using your browser go to and click on the Webmail Login link.
Log in using your full email address as the username and your email password.